Flume PRO 2.6 Mac Torrent

By | December 31, 2017

Download Flume PRO 2.6 Mac Torrent

Flume Torrent Mac Free Download

Flume PRO
Version: 2.6
Size: 26.63 MB
Mac Platform:
Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.10 or later

Ked but need to be tested (feedbacks appreciated)

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A beautiful Instagram experience for your desktop

Instagram, the ever popular app that allows you to share photos and videos with your friends, family and followers isn’t limited to just your phone or tablet. Here, we show you how to use Instagram on a Mac.

Upload photos to Instagram via third-party apps
There are a number of third-party apps available on the Mac App Store that offer a range of abilities, from being able to browse your feed to checking your notifications and – unlike the website – allowing you to post images from your Mac onto Instagram. Among the most popular is Flume, which presents your Instagram feed in a stylish window with swipe support and hidden menus for a clean and intuitive experience. At a glance, it appears that the app just shows a stream of pictures with no text, and no options to like or comment. However, clicking a photo will bring up the caption, along with icons that’ll allow you to comment on the photo and like it.

The app also shows your recent notifications, top pictures and even offers curated profile recommendations based on what you post. It also includes the ability to use Instagram Direct, allowing users to share media, profiles, hashtags and more privately.

The most impressive feature of Flume, though, is its photo and video upload support, a feature offered by very few third-party Instagram apps. Just hover your mouse over the bottom left of the app and the menu will appear. You can then click the camera icon and either take a photo or video right there and then, or upload one from your Mac. There is a catch, though: Flume is free to download but with a limited number of uploads before you’ll need to upgrade via an in-app purchase to Flume Pro.

Browsing Instagram on the web works well enough, but it’s a fairly minimal experience and you can’t post photos through your browser. Now with the newly updated desktop Instagram client Flume, you can. Flume offers a glossy, tasteful interface to easily browse your feed on your desktop, interact with your friends’ photos, follow your notifications, send direct messages, and yes, even upload your pics. There is a possible catch, though: Last year Instagram announced that they were no longer going to allow third-party applications access the Instagram feed. Developers had a deadline of June 1, 2016 to make the cut, and it seems like Flume is safe for now—it works!—but it’s not clear if Flume will work indefinitely. It’s free though, so no harm in trying it out.

Flume 2.6
April 17th, 2017.

• NEW: Flume is no longer distributed via the Mac App Store.

• NEW: Added a new Flume Pro section, with licence verification, activation/deactivation, and a Mac App Store Licence Migrator (direct version only)

• NEW: An improved help documentation viewer, and all new extensive help documentation. Also available at https://help.flumeapp.com

• NEW: Edited captions will indicate they’ve been edited.

• NEW: Added support for opening directories (with photos and videos inside). Max limit of 10 files within.

• NEW: You can resize to fit any non-square photo, not just those that were beyond the aspect ratio requirements.

• FIXED: Improved the translation support and right-click behaviour for captions, comments and messages.

• FIXED: Added a 20 character group name limit.

• FIXED: An issue that could cause invalid user tags to be added to uploads, causing upload errors.

• FIXED: Improved hashtag/user/location search popover behaviour.

• FIXED: Appearance of buttons and dropdown buttons in popovers was greyed-out.

• FIXED: Clipped text on the two-factor authorisation explanation label when using the largest font size.

• FIXED: Contextual-menu issues when right-clicking bookmarked conversations.

Download Flume PRO 2.6 Mac Torrent